Yet another change.

Yes, you are seeing it right! There is, yet, another change to the look of Titan Fusion. Yesterday I got rid of all the pages I designed myself and made the WordPress app part of the main view and function of the website.

The new WordPress 1.5 version allows for users to create posts, which are displayed as pages. I decided to make use of that feature and moved the contents of all the pages I had designed and turned them into pages on WordPress. My last design of the site was actually pretty descent, and I think that I might have a new design of mine in the future. For now I have decided to try out WordPress as a form of content delivery system and thinker with its looks and skins. I will probably end up creating a skin of my own likings for WP before I even start working on a new design for my site, independent from WordPress.

I am going to try fixing up the pages to the point where the feel of the WordPress app is of actual website with independent pages. Right now some of the contents look funky, because WordPress is changing all my code to be XTHML compliant. Looks like I will have to start learning XML to make the pages come out looking like I want them to.

Slowly I will have everything in order. I have few ideas of what I want to do. For now, I at leased, do not have to think about how I code things so they come out looking and working right in both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

I think I might redesign the clan MP website as my next project.

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