What a night!

I walked in Blockbuster to pick up a movie for tonight. When I was checking out the little one gives me attitude. I am like: fine, it is not like it is the first time she has done that. She does it every damn time I am in there. I walk out and guess what I see on my car? A dent on the driver’s side, right up front, both on the metal and the bumper. It was served with scrapes and red paint from the car of the dumb ass who fucking does not know how to pull in or out of a HUDGE parking space. Now every time I go over a bump or anything else that causes my car to go up and down the metal scrapes against my NEW tires. I should have parked in my usual place, far side, where people are too lazy to walk from, thus they do not park there.

What pisses me off more is that in this state and I am sure in the rest of them, there is a law, which stats: if you hit a car and cause damage, leave a not with your name, number and license plate, if you cannot find the damaged car’s owner. It is on the damn drive’s test. You cannot tell me that that person could not find me, because the Blockbuster I go to is isolated, it is by itself on the street. It has its own parking lot. There were 3 other cars there.

That dumb ass, out of four vehicles, had to hit mine, and not even have the guts to come back in the store and say anything. Now that I think about it, they probably did not even come in the store. If they hit my car as they were coming in and they realized what they had done, they probably put it in reverse and took off.

For desert, when I was coming home, I pulled into one of the alleys which lead to my building. Some idiot thought that he is king of the road and everyone should be waiting for him to get from the other side of the block before they should do anything.
Fact – the alley is big enough for one vehicle to go through.
Fact – I was already in the alley when he was in the far end of the adjacent parking lot.
Fact – I have observed numerous of times when two vehicles are approaching each other in a tight place, each moves to the right so they can pass each other safely. If there is not enough room for one of them to move to the right but enough for the other, the second should do so and wait for the first to go through. That guy, not only that he did not move to the side so I can go through, but also sped up and tried to block me in. There was plenty of room on either side of him, he could have gone left or right, makes no difference as long as he had moved. If I had not stepped on it and squeezed my car between him and a telephone poll we would have sat there. What does he think that I am not going sit there and wait for him to move? I have all the time and patience I needed in that situation (those of you who know me, know that I have a lot, and I mean A LOT of patience). My apartment is, at the most, fifty feet from where we were. I could have left my car there and walked! On top of that I was not going to back out on the street when he is sitting on a parking lot. Oh, and when I squeezed by and he failed to block me in, he was looking at me like I had done him wrong. Well fuck you very much.

What happened, it is in the past! When I pay off this car in two years, I am going to buy a new one. This one I am either going to trade in or give away for free like my last one. And I got paid today, so yeah 🙂 It is all good, life is good. Everything will come in its place at the right time.

One response to “What a night!”

  1. Sorry to hear you had a bad day! Don’t worry- I’m sure things will be better tommorrow!

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