Hotmail mailbox storage boost.

I finally had my Hotmail mailbox upgraded to 250 MBs today. Something that was supposed to happen weeks ago if what MS Hotmail public relations were saying was true. They were saying that the mailboxes were going to be upgraded sequentially, starting from the oldest. HAHAHA, I have had my Hotmail account since late summer of 1999, keep in mind Microsoft took over Hotmail in 1998, and it still took them weeks to upgrade it. When Yahoo! Said they are going to upgrade the members’ mailboxes they did it on the fly. My mailbox was upgraded within day or two after the release of that statement. But all of that just does not matter, because I am starting to direct the majority of my email to my GMail account. Let us hope that rumors about it still being in its Beta version because Google Inc. has not figured out a way to profit from it are just rumors. I would be disappointed at Google if I have to redirect once again all of my email activity to another account, let say Yahoo!, because I will still have my 100 MBs of free space. Yeah I rather stick with 100 MBs of mailbox space and fantastic SPAM control and filtering than have to put up with volumes of SPAM and a SPAM system that is kaput and does not recognize any of my SPAM reports just for extra 150 MBs of storage, which I am not going to use.

Thinking about the GMail rumor, if Google ever decides to make GMail a subscription service, there is a big possibility that they will either offer more storage and features in exchange fir a subscriber’s fee, or will lower the amount they offer now from 1 GB to something in the hundreds of MBs. I also just remembered about a biker’s magazine out in California, which offered 100 GBs of mailbox storage for free. They did that after everyone went crazy about the 1 GB given by Google. To make the 100 GB even more interesting the magazine put out a challenge to the first person who successfully fills out the 100 GBs of space, they will increase his or her mailbox storage to 500 GBs. I think that’s the number they said. I believe I might still have the web site’s link on my desktop. If I find it and remember I will update this post with the web address.

Update: 12-04-04 @ 4:45 A.M.

As promised here is an update with the sites link. The web site’s name is Hellacious Riders. Interesting thing is that they have upped the amount of storage they originally offered from 100 GBs to 1 TB. That is simply nuts! Can you imagine the NAS equipment or SAN networks they have to maintain and the money they have to throw at this project. WoW

This is a link for anyone interested in opening an account with them.

Seems like the users are allowed to store emails, programs, games, mp3, videos, pictures, ec. I would like to now how they are going to dead with any copyrights and piracy violations. Yes you have your ToS, but how are they going to monitor all of that data? I also wonder if someone is going to come up with a way for a remote drive like the one that exists for GMail.

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  1. Uploading at 56KB x second (ADSL), You will need 470.939 hours
    or 19.622 days or 53 years of continuos uploading
    to fill up your 1TB account in

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