Don’t be a prick!

Damn it I am so tired of seeing and reading of one person calling another a noob. It is so stupid. Does not matter what it is about. Everyone has started from the same place, same position, with ZERO clue, ZERO knowledge about whatever the subject where one person calls another a noob.

For example I was on the United Admins forums, and was trying to help another person, who did not know anything abut servers and was starting fresh. So I told what that person should do and even gave him exact lines that should be his files. Some other guy replys to my post and tells me that I should not provide file names to people, it might confuse them more. Then proceeds to call the first person a nood. Yeah OK, shut up, I didn’t see you give any instructions on how to do things. Second, I do not believe that the installation instructions of the plug in can be any clearer. But, if a person still does not understand what s/he is supposed to do, it is time for explanations and examples, which is what I had done in this case.

The computer enthusiasts and techies, yes their knowledge caries from one subject and environment to another. But, not every one possesses the same information nor do they understand it. One does not have the right of criticizing another if they know nothing about him or her or without helping to improve the situation. This is what I wrote back to that guys comment in which he called the first person a noob:

I don’t think it will confuse them any further. It’s the exact same thing s/he would find in the help file of the plugin. I am just giving the same info in a different form, and I am saving him from posting the same question for another plugin. I am simply expending on the subject of how it works and what s/he should have in his or her file. Examples are always good, isn’t that how the majority of people learn?

If s/he is confused s/he will ask more questions, but it is better than giving it to him or her ready without explaining and teaching the matter. Next time s/he runs into a problem will have to ask again and be called a noob once more simply because no one explained how the damn thing works the first time. Thus not being able to better phrase the question or provide more detail.

Probably should have written more, but I think that was enough. I do not think he will be able to comprehend what I am saying if I had made it more complex and had exposed him to logic. LoL

I know it might sound witty or funny. It might make you look like you know more, but fucking keep it to yourself. Especially when all you are doing is ostracizing without providing any solution to the problem on hand. If you have tried helping in numerous ways and have exhausted your patients with that person, then you can call him or her nood. But in that case it would be more of an idiot or stupid.

In my opinion, one can only call another person a noob only after a goof up. Now for that condition to exist, both persons must know the same material or have the same skills at a minimum. In addition, the one calling the second a noob should maybe poses a little bit more knowledge or skill than the first one. Thus having the right to call the first a noob. Jokingly of course. But do not call me that, I won’t be laughing.

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