My word of inspiration.

My word of inspiration to the -(MP)- Clan from earlier today:

to Victory

We had our first scrim after last FAL season. It was against -|[FxR]|-, and surprisingly -(MP)- got pummeled. We lost both rounds due to the lack of moral and action on our part. This is something that the clan has to seriously turn to and improve on. We need to start acting as one again. The new FAL season is around the corner and we need to be ready. There are number of new clans, which formed after last FAL season, so we will have some competition, but, we have an advantage. We are one of the oldest clans still in existence. Our rules and traditions set us apart from the rest, but our skill and unity sets us ahead of them.

Last FAL season, we were one of the clans who made it to the semi finals. We had a shot at the title of FAL champion, and we came close. We can do it again this season, and we can win that title. There is some new blood in our ranks, members who are very skilled. After being on the server on Sunday night and seeing 11, yes eleven, -(MP)- members waiting to fight filled me with optimism and happiness. I saw that we are active and we are ready to fight. We just need to work on how we interact and follow orders. If Wind, The Pro and Defen were able to join us, I saw them on AIM, we would have had a full server of just clan members. This is AMAZING, it is something I have not seen before. This is why I was happy to see you all guys, and I know in my heart that we can win this FAL season.

FAL starts in a week. Our first match is against -|[FxR]|-. I also have screen shots of us in the gallery.

Good luck and God Speed.

There is no “I” in clan nor -(MP)-

Alex aka Vulcan

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