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HL2 pre-order available.

Woo hoo VALVe has finally made HL2 available to pre-order through STEAM. I guess they don’t really care what VUG has to say about that, unless they have come to some sort of an understanding that I have not read an article about. Anyways! VALVe is offering three packages. I am going to buy the second, Silver, because I want all of the games. I just don’t want all of the extra junk the third package offers, like T-shirt, posters and strategy guide (LoL, that’s what god mod is for, hahahha). Opss the gummer’s dark side in me said that, not me! ROFL

Right now, anyone who pre-orders the game will be able to play Counter-Strike: Source right ‘o way. The rest of the games and mods will be available upon official release. That works for me, just keep them rolling out guys. Something, which surprised me a lot when I read about is and which I must say is awesome, VALVe have remade the original Half-Life for the Source engine. That will be amazing to play, especially remembering the hours and the adrenalin I spend playing the first game from beginning to end. Yeah beginning to end, because usually I do not play games all the way, I become board easily, and I tend to skip around. The first game has a wonderful and intense story line, which put together with the abilities of the Source engine will be breath taking when played.

On another note I still have not acquired a copy of Doom 3. For some reason my periodical fascination and desire for the games does not last too long. I think that might be a result of wanting and waiting so devotedly for the release of Half-Life 2. I think I will buy a copy of Doom 3 when I see some cool looking mods being release by the Doom community. I don’t think it will be too long before they start doing that. Darn, they had a hack/mod for the flash light+gun released within 2 days of the game being available in stores.

Earlier today, while I was going through the ordering process of the Silver plan, I saw that VALVe is providing with it its CS: Condition Zero and CS: CZ Deleted Scenes. Very nice, seeing that both of these games were only available as retail games up to now. For $60.00 + tax, I think that it is an awesome bargain. I buy one game, but I receive 6. The other ones, which come with the package I do not count because they come with the original Half-Life, and I already bought it. VALVe is trying to make the deal look nicer than it is, but I don’t care, if you ask me, it is obvious that they are getting ready to release the games to the public and that makes me happy. Lets hope that they will stand by their November 1st, 2004, release date for HL2.