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  • Firefox and DNS prefetching

    Firefox and DNS prefetching – I read about this being a feature in Google Chrome, but I wasn’t sure if it was, yet, a feature of Firefox. It is in Ff 3.5. Here you can find a list of the new features in Firefox 3.5. What is DNS prefetching? – It is the process of […]

  • Google’s Chrome browser

    magitam: Google’s Non-launch of Chrome – do you think we should hold Google accountable for their broken promise? Google has decided to create their own browser, dubbed Chrome. It is open source based on WebKit and powered by Google Gears. Another browser amongst many others. I don’t particularly care for most of Google’s products, […]

  • Reveal extension for Firefox

    I just installed the Reveal Firefox extension. After the sweet interactive tutorial that comes with it, I must say this is a great extension. It has an interactive thumbnail tab bar that can be brought up just with one key stroke, which comes with a search thumbnail function as well. You can choose to search […]

  • Flock – I don’t think so!

    I just tried the new Flock browser. Other than some improvements, some cosmetic changes and some extra features it is just FireFox. The extra features the Flock browser has can be easily achieved through extensions for FireFox. If no one decides to write the extensions for it, I am pretty sure that after Flock’s debut […]

  • FireFox Adventures Begin.

    I decided every once in a while to write about my experience with the FireFox browser. The FireFox Adventures category will hold my entries about the browser. The same entries will be made in the blog I am provided with on the Spread FireFox website. So, without any further a due, here is my first […]

  • FireFox review

    … I have already been using the Linux version of the browser, but few weeks ago I decided to try it for Windows. I am a big time supporter of Internet Explorer, so for me to try FireFox, it really has to interest me, or the media must be making a lot of noise about it. …