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My name is Alexandar Tzanov, a full-stack LAMP web developer and a web server sys-admin. I started blogging shortly after the inception of WordPress in 2003, and I have not stopped posting. As a computer programmer, gamer, and film enthusiast, Titan Fusion is a place for me to share my experiences, thoughts, and to create memories.

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  • Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom

    I am watching the Nintendo Direct presentation and there is new Legend of Zelda game coming out in September. Not a remake, not a remaster, but a brand-new game. I can hardly get through the trailer. I am just yelling – when and shut up and take money.

  • Empty space is distracting

    Every once in a while, I see people on Twitter and YouTube show off their minimalist desks. Today I saw someone, on Twitter, show their big acrylic desk with just a PC, pair of speakers, io devices, clock and a water bottle. By my count, there were less than 10 objects on that big desk.…

  • Fixing Fallout 4 constant crashing on Xbox

    Both my son and I play Fallout 4 on the same Xbox One S. For years we have been suffering short play sessions caused by the game crashing and being set back hours because of game save files becoming corrupted/obsolete. Well, we finally figured out the problem, and after fixing it we can now play…

  • Anker charger Specifications tests

    I recently bought an Anker charger to charge a battery when I travel. While looking through the enclosed user manual I noticed on the specifications page efficiency results for active and in-active states. I thought it was kind of interesting that they performed these tests and provided these data in a four-page manual. One side…

  • Ads and paying customers.

    Enabling ad-blocking via OpenDNS has made such an improvement to my browsing experience, especially on sites where I spend money on, like eBay. As a user, with an established buying history, who regularly shops on the site, I shouldn’t have to keep seeing ads, including the in-house ones. Ads are always last to load, and…

  • Cloudflare, DKIM, and 1024 vs 2048-bit key length.

    I recently had to configure a domain in Google Workspace to process mail with Gmail. To authenticate messages and avoid SPAM filters I had to configure DKIM by generating a key and then creating a DNS record to store said key. The DNS record is of type TXT. The value of a TXT record has…

  • How to get the Windows drivers for Sony Inzone M9?

    For some reason the Windows drivers for the Sony Inzone M9 monitor are not showing under downloads on the Sony product support page. Without the drivers Windows simply shows the monitor as “generic display” and lists it as “HDR not certified”. To locate the drivers download page go to the Sony product support page and…

  • Happy Birthday Matt

    Happy birthday to my fellow Texan Matt Mullenweg. It is thanks to Matt and his inquisitive nature that I started blogging on Titan Fusion 20 years ago using the wonderful WordPress. Thanks Matt, happy birthday, and to many more!

  • Attribute vs Parameter vs Property

    Attributes and properties are terms frequently used interchangeably! The definitions of these two terms are very much relevant to the context within which they are used, and different programming languages will have different interpretations. Below is my general interpretation of attributes vs parameters vs properties.

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