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Year: 2015

  • iOS 9.0 Mail fix for Google Mail

    Using iOS 9.0.1 and the native Mail app, downloading mail from Google mail stops working after about a week. The message the system displays is that it is not able to connect to server, and to check the password. Turning off and then on mail for the account does not resolve the problem. Neither…

  • Another day done

    Another day done.Going home. Train moving.Watching the world go by.

  • Function: checkboxLimiter [JavaScript]

    The checkboxLimiter function will disable all checkboxes, which share common value for the name attribute after the user has checked a pre-set number of them. The limit number is set in the function source to avoid inconsistency if adding the onChange function call inline of the page source. This does not matter if you are using event…

  • Messing with WordPress SPAM Bots

    If you have a WordPress based blog, or otherwise use WordPress as a CMS for your website, you are either getting a lot of bad user accounts being created or noticing a lot of knocking on your wp-login.php page. WordPress has a nice feature which allows you to install WordPress in a directory other than…