Source Code DNA, a repository/library for code snippets in JS, PHP, Perl, C/C++ and Objective-C

I have started a new section on Titan Fusion, specifically for programming. I have named it Source Code DNA. I am going to use it just as library/repository for various snippets of code, e.g. classes, functions, small scripts. At this time I am going to limit the content to the following languages: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, PHP 5, Perl 5, Python 2.7, C/C++, Objective-C. Mainly because those are languages I know and most often use.

My goals for Source Code DNA are:

  • Once enough classes and functions have been collected for a particular language to create a framework, a library, or a kit for others to use.
  • Make the code available to all.

I have also started a Source Code DNA newsletter, delivered by MailChimp. The newsletters will be used for announcements, as well as an FAQ and mention of other useful articles.

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