The finger plus camera equals douchebaggery.

This morning I came across this picture of Francisco Dao (founder of, at the TechCrunch August Capital Party, giving the finger to the camera. There used to be a time when I found this to be funny. I used to do it myself a lot. I guess it was a comical way to show friendly intentions, that is, if the finder is accompanied with a smile! Thinking about this it seems childish, but I know that many adults do it amongst friends, and apparently at social gatherings or professionals. I occasionally do it as well, but it is rare and the number of people I do it to I can count on the fingers of one of my hands.

I could care less when people utilize their middle finger to express some sort of emotions. But, I do find it inappropriate when amongst professional peers. Despite the fact that the environment is a party, people do notice what others at the event do and say. They do talk amongst themselves and after the party, as well as almost always there is someone recording audio or video or images. Then they get posted and someone writes something about what You did, even those who do not share opinions via writing, still form an opinion about You based on your actions. All of these do affect your reputation and your company’s reputation, because when amongst professionals you do represent your company, and there is an even higher stake when you are the founder!

Reputation + business = money The better the first the more of the last!

The finger + a camera = douchebaggery

You can find more information about the TechCrunch party even here.

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