Server scalability and Oxbury Publishing.

Currently Hive Minds Hosting is hosting Oxbury Publishing, including their other web properties. As the company business is growing, and it is expending in to customized reports and articles, delivered via newsletter, I know that the current server will not be able to handle the load of newsletter campaigns that are going to take place. I’ve spend today consulting the company owners about renting a dedicated server and moving their operations to a machine, which only serves their needs.

I have also selected phpList as the mail list management solution. Once I have configured their new server, I will be installing and configuring phpList, which by the way has to integrate with their current site and have new users automatically added to the different newsletter campaigns at the time of them registering on the main web site. I found some scripts, which might do the trick, but there were some complaints from other users. Hopefully with Oxbury things will go smoothly.

Tonight I will be leasing the new server and then I will be working on installing and configuring the usual software required to operate a website smoothly.

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