Comcast gets owned by the FCC. Well, sort of.

Another win for Net Neutrality. Today it was reported that the FCC “disciplined” Crap…Comcast for their violation of their customers basic write to access information on the Internet. I say disciplined, because Comcast was not punished via a financial burden. They were just told “you were bad. Don’t do it again. Fix it.”. It is hard for people and especially for companies to learn their lesson, when negative reinforcement is not used. Comcast was not punished, so they have noting to loss. If they had to pay fins, for example in the form of free or discounted service for their customers, then they, as the money garbing leach that the company and its operators are, will think twice before violation the freedom of access to information and data of real people and some intangible IP address.

Now, because they were not cause to pay fines, the operators of the company will have learned, in their attempt , what they can do. Because the company did not have to pay fines, it will again try to throttle its network, but at its second attempt it will know how far it can go with certain actions and how to hide its procedures better.

You can read the announcement here: FCC Comes Down On Comcast For P2P Blocking

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