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Showing posts from May, 2008

Annual theme change.

This blog underwent the annual theme change. This year I wanted to go with something simple, something plain, but still very functional and pleasing to the eye. Seeing that Twitter is so big (popular), and as I mentioned in a tweet from earlier today, I have decided to mainly use Twitter, if I am going to use a micro-blog platform, at all. So what better than have a matching Wordpress theme - Blue Bird by Randa Clay.

I have made bunch of changes to the theme and I am pretty much done with reorganizing my blog. Just making it more user friendly.

Twitter Tool - I love you, I hate you!

The Twitter Tool, a Wordpress plugin, is an awesome tool. I love that it posts to my Twitter account whenever I make a post on my blog. It also provides me with the ability to make new tweets from my blog's sidebar and from within the Wordpress administrator menu. But the feature I find most valuable is the Twitter digest. The plugin creates a blog post with the day's tweets, thus creating a back up of my Twitter activity. This is also the feature, which makes me HATE this plugin.
The damn thing creates the digest posts, which are scheduled to appear at midnight with the days tweets, but it generates the posts 4 to 6 hours prior to midnight, right before my active time and thus missing my tweets from the day the post is supposed to reflect. I tried contacting Alex, the creator of the plugin, weeks ago, but I never received a peep from him. I told him about the problem and asked him how can I tweak the code to compensate for this problem, but like I said - not a peep.
It is a lov…