M$ 🙁 u F%^K1^g @5535

It makes you wonder, with great hate, what Microsoft’s software engineers are doing when coding a simple app like windows explorer. Thanks to them I just lost 7 Gigs of my files.

As we all know, windows explorer has two panels. One on the left, where we have the directory tree and one on the right, where we have the directory’s contents. I had selected two files in the right panel and wanted to drag and move them to a different directory, but I changed my mind, so I stopped. I, instead, decided to delete the two files, so I clicked the delete button on the tool bar. It is late and I am tired, so I did not pay much attention to the confirmation dialog. I just clicked “Y”. By the time I realized what the heck had happened the directory containing the files was gone, and with it 7 Gigs of other files.

My question is, if I am clicking and working in the right panel, why the heck was windows explorer under the damn impression that I had selected a directory in the left panel? I mean that was NOT the active panel, the one I was working in. Incidents like this one had happened to me in the past. They are rare, an in the past I have caught them, and when I hadn’t, the directories were small enough to fit in the recycling bin. Not this time, though, the directory was way too big.

Thanks Microsoft! Thanks for helping me clear some space on my nearly full hard drive. Problem is, these were not files I needed nor wanted to get rid of.

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