How to piss off a cop in 5 mins or less?

Couple of weeks ago Amanda and I were driving on I55. I was doing about 67mph when in my rear view mirror I picked out a state trooper’s car. There was a car in front and to my left and another one about half mile behind me. Eventually, the cars around me saw the trooper’s vehicle as well, so they all started to slow down to the posted speed limit.

I slowed down to 60mph, but the car to my left slowed even more than that. Consequentially, I past it and kept on going at a steady rate. At the same time that car eventually evened up with the vehicle, which was about half a mile behind us, thus blocking the cop. Now here is one way to piss off a cop! Once you have the cop blocked on all sides in the fast lane, start slowing down substantially below the posted speed limit. That’s exactly what that car did.

There is a short explanation to this situation, and that is – the majority of drivers do not have the balls to drive faster than cops nor do they want to do any maneuvers when they are around. How did that apply in this case? Well, the other drivers did not wanted to dive faster and could not slow down, because they were pushed by the vehicles behind them. So the driver in front of the cop did not want to speed up, but at the same time could not get out of the way.

Word of advice, cops on the thruway drive faster then the rest of us, if you are at speed limit or below it, they won’t give a damn if you speed up just to get out of their way!

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