Alexandar Tzanov's Personal Blog

Me, Myself and I in the year of our Lord 2005.

Short but Sweet

Exactly one year ago I packed up my bags and moved from Buffalo, NY to Chicago, IL. Three weeks latter started a full time job, mostly on, but with plenty off, if that makes any sense. Three months later I met my then girlfriend and now fiance. Then came the move into a nice big apartment downtown Chicago, but not so good of a landlord. Then, some time in Agust, but most likely early September I began working on the idea of owning my own business. This was good, because unknown to me, soon I was going to be suffering under the plenty of off. Due to which we took few trips here and there, but mostly to NJ/NY.

Looking into 2006:

  1. Start the new job.
  2. Start the new company.
  3. Get a nicer living space.
  4. Few other things…. 🙂