Scary crash(s).

On my way home today I saw a car crash, which I personally think was horrific. It was on the opposite side, and although I was not able to see it up close, because the median is about 30 or 40 feet wide, with trees and bushes planted all over it, seeing the damage to the car was enough. It was a taxi cab, a Lincoln Crown Victoria. The WHOLE front of it was smashed. I mean that car was one third of what it used to be. I do not know how fast was the driver going or what he hit, but after seeing the results it is scary to think what the out come might have been.

That is not the only crash i saw to day. I saw probably 2 or 3 more and one with a “big time” potential. That one happened as i was getting onto the express way after work today. I was not paying attention so I do not know what caused it, but car started swerving left and right. The second and third vehicles behind it almost ran into it. Thankfully the drivers were able to stop and everyone drove away.

It is scary to see all the accidents to and from work. Lately they have made me wish driving was optional to be able to go to work.

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