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OK, so, I am on my way to my hun’s parent’s house, and I am driving through downtown stuck in traffic. As you know from some of my previous entries, I love to read people’s license plates, just to see with what they can come up, get away with, or how creative they can be.

As I already mentioned it above, I was stuck in traffic, and I looked ahead of me. The vehicle in front of me was a BMW X5 SUV. Now that is a nice expensive peace of machinery. I look at the license plate and I read the following letters: RICS WYF. Rick’s Wife, what the heck kind of a lame idea of a plate is this? As my sweetie said – “Why would you identify yourself as someone’s belonging?”

I spouse she does not work and her husband makes all the money. So, there are few options here, he bought the vehicle and she, to show her gratitude, chose to have that as a license plate. Or, he bought the vehicle and because he is a prick registered the plate also. Or, she has no personality and is a money hungry woman.


Of course, there is always – she is so in love with him and they are so happy together, that she just wants to show her appreciation. If that is the case, then now I have to look for “SUZS HUBY” license plate!