Sunday, April 17, 2005

Update – I really rather not!?

Yeah, I really rather not update my Windows system. Yesterday I decided to update my Windows XP Pro with SP2, which did not really go over too well. First I skipped the installation of SP2 and installed the patches released on the 12th. After I installed them my computer began to restart about 5 to 8 minutes after the completion of the boot up cycle. At first I thought it might have just needed couple of restarts to get the new changes to line up, but I was mistaken. It was doing that all the time! My computer must have restarted about thirty times before I really have had it and was convinced that there is not fix, following my attempt in a fast and extensive search, between restarts, of the NET for anyone with similar problems after installing the latest patches.

Way to go GE!

This is really pathetic coming from a company the size of General Electric. Last year, while I was looking for a job I was applying to all kind of companies, one of which was GE. I applied for about a dozen different positions with the company. From what I remember most of them were IT.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Gallery on TFnet - coming soon.

Tfnet's gallery is around the corner! For a long time now I have been saying that “soon” I will have a gallery on the site with all kinds of pictures. Well, I finally got around installing a gallery on the web site last night. I have used Gallery in the past and I am still using it on the Clan MP web site, but i have also come across many web sites which use Coppermine Gallery. So, instead of going the old fashioned way, I decided to give Coppermine a test. I did that only because it uses an SQL database as part of the gallery's structure. This is an upcoming feature with version 2 of the Galley. At the moment Galley 2 is in its beta status and from reading on its web site i understand that the beta does not even have all the features, which already existing in Gallery 1, active/working. The above is another reason why I decided to test Coppermine. I wanted to see what it can provide me with, while I am waiting for the final or close to final release of Gallery.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Shut up already!

I am watching the news right now (as usual). They are reporting on the death of Pope John Paul II. The guy reporting from Rome was talking about the announcements from the Vatican, and how quiet it was on the square. The only thing one could hear were the bells. Here comes the annoying part. That dumb ass says - “Let's listen to the bells for few moment.”, or something in those lines. After he said that he just continued to talk. He never stopped to give us, the viewers, a chance to hear the bells and observe in a silence. That guy just continued to talk, probably for another three or four minutes. Once again instead of shutting the heck up, he simple repeated few peaces of the information he had just served us with. Then the news just switched away from him and to the next thing they had to talk about in regards to this event.