Funniest license plate I have seen to date!

I was on my way home yesterday afternoon after meeting up with some one for the day when I saw a pretty weird license plate on someone’s car. It is here that I should say I like to entertain myself, while I am in the car, by looking for custom plates on people’s cars and observing their creativity. I am really surprised by the number of custom plates I see here on daily base compared to the number I saw when I lived in New York or when I visited in New Jersey. Here they are incredibly popular. I believe it is in direct result of the dancer population.

The plate I saw yesterday said – I SWEAT. I have one question: “why would you get such a dull license plate?” Maybe he meant it as a reflection of the vehicle he drives. It is hot, no air conditioning, he sweats. HEHE, I guess on the other hand it could be seen as a demonstration of good humor, for those who can see it. If one is coming home from work, and has had a bad day at work or due to some other factor, and he or she reads the plate it could put a cheer in their day. In my opinion, this is a great example of one person’s unselfish consideration of others and move to entertain them through the show of good sense of humor.

I had a custom plate in New York. I am thinking about getting one here, also. I have not decided on what this one will hold. I know there is a 50/50 chance of not being the same it was before. For now I am going to wait! I do like the numbers on my current one.

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