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A day off. Yay!!

Whoa. I have not written anything here in more than a week, and I have hand full of topics to write about. I do have a reason for being MIA. I have been working some weird hours this week. For example I went to work yesterday morning, I started at 10 AM I did not get home till 2 AM this morning. Every time I come home after work I am so darn tired that I do not feel like doing anything. I just want to eat and go to bed, which by the way is all I have time for before I have to get up again and go to work.

Today is my only day off I have had this week. I have made a list for myself of the things I want to write about. I will work on them, soon, very soon. I will look through them again. There is a chance I will work on one of them today. I even have an audio blog entry from last night. It is very short, but some of you might find it interesting. I have to transfer it to my computer and then I will post it. The audio entry by itself will not make sense, but I will also post an explanation about it. Then it might be pretty good topic for discussion.