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Uhhh, and which one is this.

It is weird how in this city all taxis look like police vehicles. A lot of them even have the spot light on the driver side. Dang! The vehicles are all the same models, too. On top of that 80 percent of the cabs are also painted the same colors as the police cars. To make it more confusing the taxies have lights on top of them. The lights on the police vehicles are short just like the ones on the cabs. To determine which one is which you have to look carefully, because the lights on the city vehicles are longer than the ones on top of the cabs.

Now I do not know if that is some city strategy to deter crime through mass confusion of people and criminals and make them think that cops are every where. I am not sure how well it has worked, though. Knowing how the human mind works, people get used to the view and they simply stop paying attention. Thus things go back to the way they were before.