All i can see is snow. What about you?

All I See Is Snow – 2005.01.06

Dang, this city is a bigger snow magnate than Buffalo. Maybe not! Maybe the problem simply lays in that I have moved from the suburbs to the inner city. Less open areas here and of course the snow will build up more. It started snowing Tuesday evening and it did not stop till some time this morning. It is all over, at least for now.

I have been shoveling snow for the last two days. Freaking pain in the ass. The areas that need to be shoveled are too confined and there is a second level that needs to be taken care of as well, so the thought of using a snow blower is unmentionable. Heh, I guess I could think of all that snow shoveling as a good workout.

Now that the snow clouds are all gone, it is getting really, really cold. I bet tomorrow the roads will be all ice.

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