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Wow, fun weekend.

Wow, this weekend was pretty good and interesting.

I cannot remember what I did during the day and why I was feeling the way I did, but Friday night I did not really feel like doing anything or going anywhere. But, I had no desire what so ever to stay home either, so as in my nature, I decided to go for a trip and went to Brad’s apartment. Heh that was interesting night! Apparently the planed evening’s activity was to duke tape a 40 oz beer bottle to each hand and see who can finish ‘em first. The rules were, a player could not take the bottles off until both bottles were empty. Thus, if you ever needed to go to the can and you are a slow drinker you, were fucked. You either go in your pants or have you girlfriend hold it for you. In this case Brad was set, because Kim was coming over that evening, or so Brad thought. HAHA, He laughed at the rest of the guys, but they had the last laugh. Brad’s mood changed when Sean told him Kim had said she is going to play, also, when he had talked to her on the phone earlier that day. HAHA

Kathy and I opted out for some wine and continues laugh as we watched nine fools try to finish up two 40s, taped to their hands and freezing, because they were dumb enough to put them in the refrigerator before the game. The wine was good by the way. It was some new California or Washington up and coming blend.

After Sean finished up the beerpong table for the next evening and I had helped him with some touch ups, the activities commenced. Few of the guys and Caitlin got drunk, but over all within thirty or forty minutes almost everyone wanted to go to the bathroom. Observing their faces and goofy actions gave Kathy and me even more joy and reason to laugh at them.

I took some pictures. After I develop them I might put them with all the other pictures I have promised in so many posts to put on my web site.

Saturday the guys had a beerpong tournament. There were a lot of people there and of course the usual smoke up. What a fucking bullshit. Unlike me Kim did express her discus with it and voiced it out. Heh, Red Ben did not like that too much. Latter in the evening Sean and Kim had a nice 30 minute discussion/fight/argument about another thing Kim expressed her despise to. I will rather not get into that, maybe you will read more about it some time in the future. The evening was ok, I went home for about two hours then I went back to Brad’s place and spend the night there. In the morning Brad and Kim went to the Bills game and I went home.

Oh, today was a very cold day as you all know, and a day when the weather worsen and it started to snow. Oh I wished earlier today I knew Kim’s cell number so I can call them and tell them: “Haaaa Haaa, told you to stay home and watch the game on the TV.”

Well it was a good weekend. It was fun and I enjoyed it.