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eBay Ad Lists Manhattan Judge for Sale

The eBay Ad Lists Manhattan Judge for Sale article is one heck of a story. It goes to show that people will do anything to win or out of despair. Yet, I am going to praise this artist’s creativity and unique attempt to help herself and to improve her situation. Although I am pretty sure that at the end all this stunt did was to push the scales against her for the same reason she acted like she did – the will for self preservation.

I would like to point out that today’s access to the media and her ability to control the mass’s opinions provides many opportunities for individuals to do so. It offers a variety of options and tools. This particular case is an example of that. It goes to show that one person can easily touch thousands. As a result the mass media can make a mockery of it and still produce the effect desired in one form or another.

I must say this is a new way to nudge Justice one way or another. It only goes to show, once again, that Justice is not invincible. It still relies on individuals and their feelings and personal biases. For it to work in its true form, it must be served by independent people, with open minds and who truly believe that one case is in its own world, and it should not be affected by events which have nothing to do with it originally. In this sense perfection can be achieved and the system can operate in its ideal form and thought.

If I were the judge I would laugh and praise the artist on her creative ways.