Cool, and yet NOT that cool! Check your garage door opener.

After Lori returned home tonight, she asked me if I have been having problems with my garage door opener. One of the reasons is couple of weeks ago I figured out that I can open the garage door from down the street, way down the street, way way down the street. But, in the last week I have been having problems with that, and have had to get almost to the house before I am able to open the garage door. Usually people would think that it is time to change the battery in the remote, but this remote has not been used a whole lot, and I installed the garage door opener in the spring of this year. Second reason is that she was asked the same questions when she was out dining with her friend.

Well thanks to an FBI source her friend told her, that there is nothing wrong with the battery or the garage remote. The reason lays in the new technology the Homeland Security Agency is testing and using. Apparently whatever this technology is it is communicating on the same frequencies as the garage door openers and the remotes. Thus, interfering with the civilians’ way of living. What the heck? There are so many frequencies that can be used, why this? You can not tell me that we are running out of frequencies to use. I thought that the FCC had licensed separate spectrums for the public sector and for the military.

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