Presidential poll.

Heh, after talking to hand-full of people I know a little bit better than others, about the presidential elections, I told them that Bush will win, no matter what! The reasons are very complex, and only some people, who understand fraternal and secret organization as well as history and politics, would agree with me. I can easily explain what is going on in the world and why, but it will be in very lame terms.:neutral: This sort of explanation would only take me five minutes, but to actually back up what I would say in these five minutes, I would need to present at the least a two hour lecture 😯 on the background of the above mentioned subjects of understanding.

But, back to me telling people that Bush will win, I wanted to see who some of the visitors of my blog think that will win the presidential election. Here are the results from the poll:

Bush: 2
Kerry: 5
Nader: 1

Although, in my poll Kerry won, in the end Bush won 😛 , so did I. 🙂 LoL

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