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Lodge decorations.

Something I forgot to comment on when I wrote this entry and have been meaning to write but keep forgetting to. Both lodges were beautiful. The decorations in each of them were unique. For example the wall in the East of the Lackawanna building was drawn. It depicted King Solomon, Hiram Abif and [] as they were discussing the building plans of King Solomon’s Temple. The Lodge also had a full size pipe organ, although it was smaller than the ones I have seen in churches and cathedrals throughout Europe. It was good to hear it. The evening of the ceremony we had a visiting brother who played it for the ceremony. It was wonderful to attend a ceremony with music. I am saying that only because it is rare now-a-days to come to a lodge or ceremony where there is someone who knows how to play the pipe organ.

On the other hand, the lodge in Colden was rich on history. The portraits hung on the walls of it were from the early 1800s. Among its many possessions and decorations one object, which one could marvel over, is a tapestry depicting all of the steps, instruments and symbols of Freemasonry and the Blue Lodge. Many might say: Yeah, so? These can be found many books and places today. I know that, but it is hard to come across something that is going on two hundred years-old.

I myself love and believe in Freemasonry with all of my heart. Bad rep. comes from people’s actions not from the rules and traditions of the Craft. Yesterday I saw National Treasure, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised and impressed. I will not comment on that here, though, I am planning on writing a review of the movie in the upcoming days. I can hardly wait for the movie to come out on DVD.