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anika’s words of wisdom

As short as this post might be, I feel the need to share the following with everyone. I love this, and I should learn from it, especially knowing how gloomy my personality some times tends to be and the excessive lack of sense of humor I posses. The following quote I found in the AIM profile of one of my gaming buddies.

anika’s words of wisdom:
**Never frown because you never know who’s falling in love with your smile!**

I don’t know if these are her own words or she read this somewhere! Does it really matter? I think not! The simple but yet affective meaning of this sentence is simple and easy to understand lesson on how a person should always keep a positive outlook on life and love. If he or she is a romantic, hmmmm like me :grin:, this is a great moral booster and a key to not giving up after a failed relationship or an attempt to get close to a person of interest, which surpasses friendship.

The world is full of people and opportunities. It is easy to give up after one or two failures, but You will only loose more than you wanted if you stopped. The hard part, the will not to give up and strive for the next opportunity / attempt / try is what should always be present. But for that to work one always needs patients. Without it failure is GUARANTEED!