Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Data loss

The host has experienced total data loss. That means that my blog and Gallery are completely gone. I am not happy at all! Even more, because I did not have back up of the pictures in my gallery nor did I have a back up of my SQL database with my blog. That should teach me, huu. The gallery and blog should be up again in few days. I will just have to find some other pictures to put in it. I will have to take more goofy pictures with the web cam. From now one there will be a complete back up of all the sites I work on and their databases will be backed up when there are changes.

Friday, July 16, 2004

Jus2 website!

Got another project on my hand! Talked to my brother and he asked me to design, setup and develop a website for his company. I have some design ideas from him, so I will take it form there, use what he has and implement functional, appeal and strategy. I will have to design the whole members system, where customers will be able to check on their funds and have the ability to post request for any changed to their accounts.

The web address is, some make sure you visit soon to check on progress.