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Alexandar Tzanov
Alexandar Tzanov
I am a Bulgarian American. I came to the United States in 1997, first in Hesperia, California, where I attended High School – Go Scorpions! The following year I moved to Watertown, New York, where I graduated High School from Immaculate Heart Central, and earned my Associates of Science in Computer Information Systems from SUNY Jefferson Community College. During my time at JCC my love for computer programming was born, largely thanks to my teacher and mentor Jack Donato. In the following years, programming became a passion, although not always exercised due because I was not exactly sure what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, thanks to misguided and unrealistic advice and directions from people in my life.

After I graduated from JCC, I attended and earned a Bachelor of Science in Economic Crime Investigation with concentration in Computer Security from Hilbert College, in Hamburg, NY. A small school, which just about when I was finishing my degree started to expand. Last time I was in New York and visited the school it had grown quite a bit. Following my graduation from Hilbert I moved to Chicago, IL, where I have been living ever since. There I have started a family, and a technology business – Innovadix. Remember the love for programming? Now I work as a programmer, and in my free time I enjoy watching films; playing old games, which are barely stable running on modern hardware; most of all designing and developing some new idea.

You can read more about my experience and past work at

About this blog

I first started Titan Fusion web log as an experiment. A while back (2003), when blogs and blogging first started gaining popularity and a lot of people became involved with on-line publishing, I decided to have one of my own. I like to try new technologies and keep up with the current tech trends whenever I have the means to do so.

I started looking at different blogging software. The one I picked to start testing with was WordPress(v. 0.72). Soon after I began using it, it became clear that it is one of the best and feature rich CMS/blogging environments available on the Internet at that time. Not to mention that it was free, and continues to be free today. I really enjoy its functionality and the endless customization available via plug-ins. So, I found ways to integrate it into my web site, which of course would change its appearance every few months in the first handful of years of its existence. This blog, if nothing else, guarantees content on it.

This little experiment of mine soon became a constant in my life. I started with few posts just to see what blogging was all about and soon I started writing about many things in my life. Unfortunately in 2004, while my website was still hosted by Technolojik, a cheap overseas company, the blog database was lost, with it a great number of my entries. Thanks to search engines’ cache and sites like I was able to find a handful of my original entries. Sadly not all of what I had written in the times before the incident was recovered. The database loss was a result of the hosting company staff’s neglect to secure their servers. They were hacked and their hard drives erased (at least that’s the story they gave me). All database and web site content were lost. To top that the company was not using any form of back-up system. There were couple of lessons to take away from this, a lesson learned about backing up data, and a personal lesson that cheap hosting also results in bad service. Since then I back-up all of my content and databases on weekly basis.


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Format MAC Address [JavaScript]

I am currently working on a project which will allow users to register their Wi-Fi enabled, non-web browser enabled, devices on the network. These are devices like printers, Apple TV, and Xbox*. One of the data points that have to be collected from the user is the device MAC address. The project customer wants that address to be properly formatted when they see it in the support ticket.

We have several options. We can format the address either on the back-end after the form has been submitted. Or we can format it on the front end via a separate text field for each character pair, but that is too many fields to handle. A better solution is to use a single field and format the user input at the time of input or upon submit. In those cases, the former is better because the data will already be formatted when the overall form input is being validation after the user clicks the “Submit” button.

We are going to format the user input as it is being provided, thus having proper data when vali…

SNOOZ: Sound. Sleep.

I was on the Snooz Kickstarter page today, revisiting the project’s details and timeline progress. The device, which is a white-noise generating machine, recently became available for pre-order. Snooz is meant to be an alternative to having a TV or a stationary fan running at bed time. In my case, I bought it for my wife so we can get the TV out of the bedroom.

Whilst on the comments page I read the following comment, posted recently by Ken Tran:

I'm not a fan of the new fabric design. ...
I must disagree. If you take a look at the original design, which is all plastic and no style, I must say it is fugly. It is all utilitarian - not something I rally want to look at or see when I walk into the room. The final design, seen on the right, is something that beacons to be explored, looked at, utilized.

I am a big fan of Bang & Olufsen. They use fabric from Kvadrat in their line of products. Incorporating soft materials like fabric or leather in something which is meant to be place…

Balloon Flowers of 2014

We have Balloon Flowers (platycodon grandiflorus) in a half barrow pot. They are one of my favorite flowers that we have around the house. Simply because of how the flower forms. It starts as a small ball, which slowly grows into the shape of a hot air balloon, and once it opens it looks like it had exploded.

[gallery type="rectangular" link="file" ids="2611,2612,2622,2615,2613,2614,2616,2617,2618,2619,2610,2620,2621"]

I planted the flowers from the pictures above about seven years, ago.