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Coding Conventions

This developer’s guide is a compilation of naming convention, directory and files structures, and source code syntax styles, as well as other concepts and standards. The guide is primarily for PHP and JavaScript projects, since these are the languages Alexandar Tzanov uses for majority of his work. Though, many parts of it can just as easily be applied to project written in other languages, e.g. Perl or Python.

Architecture Goals

The primary goals are should be simple and easily achievable.

  • Simplify maintenance.
  • Optimize future functionality expansion.
  • Make different pieces of the code reusable, i.e. write once, use many time. This is the base of the above two goals.
  • Minimize potential problems from admins/users, by isolating the customer from the core logic via configuration files.
  • Make it easier for whoever inherits the code to easily do their job.
  • When referring to a product please understand project, web site, application, script, whichever suites your needs at the moment.


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