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  • Source Code DNA, a repository/library for code snippets in JS, PHP, Perl, C/C++ and Objective-C

    I have started a new section on Titan Fusion, specifically for programming. I have named it Source Code DNA. I am going to use it just as library/repository for various snippets of code, e.g. classes, functions, small scripts. At this time I am going to limit the content to the following languages: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, […]

  • The iOS Design Cheat Sheet V2

    The iOS Design Cheat Sheet V2 by Ivo Mynttinen is an excellent reference tool if you are an iOS developer. Ivo has organized display sizes and resolutions, as well as some other hardware data, for each device into nice, easy to follow data tables.

  • -(MP)- site progress.

    The news database is up and running. …

  • Jus2 website!

    Got another project on my hand! Talked to my brother and he asked me to design, setup and develop a website for his company. I have some design ideas from him, so I will take it form there, use what he has and implement functional, appeal and strategy. I will have to design the whole […]