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GE Calls For More Exports from the US

On the way to work this Friday morning I was listening to NPR. They broadcasted an interview conducted by host Renee Montagne with General Electric's CEO Jeffrey Immelt. Mr. Immelt spoke at an economic forum in Montreal earlier in June. He is asking for the United States to increase its exports, especially in areas where there has been or there is a lot of potential for success. That's great, I agree with him, but he also states that American companies and products have to be competitive in the countries they are being sold in. He often used China as an example.

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I'm all for "Made in America". There are American made products that can be competitive in China, but we have to remember that Chinese workers work for very little, long hours, and under conditions that will not be allowed in America. These and number of other factor…

XBox 360 no video, only audio

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Over the weekend I had some lack of video from my XBox360. Nothing that some heat couldn’t fix. Apparently most problems with the Xbox360 are fixed by that which kills PCs – heat.

I have an XBox360, which is one of those that was born with bugs and "genetic" issue - meaning an early version - one from the early ones, made before the red ring of death became evident  and all the various versions started to come out. Luckily, I don't abuse and rarely spend massive amount of hours playing it, thus I don't have very many problem with it! Other than the occasional screen flicker and the constant refusal of the DVD-Rom tray to actually stay closed after attempting to close it. Apparently the DVD drive gets a bad taste from DVD discs and refuses to work with them. HAHA. My solution for the latter is to place my thumb on the drive …