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Friendfeed and Twitter - is it time for an intervention?

I have decided to write this post sort of as an echo of Michael Arrington’s call for an intervention with Robert Scoble’s addiction to Freindfeed and Twitter, who has spend more than 2600 hours interacting with those services. I am rounding up from Michael's post, because Robert states that he spend at least 7 hours every day. But he also responded to the TechCrunch and in his post Robert states that he started in February and it is only about 200 hours. Both question if the Scobleizer blog was harmed. I would like state that in cases like this there is more than just a traditional service that is harmed. In my case I did not allow my addiction to extent to my family, but it did affect other aspects of my life.

Twitter can be addictive! I never got into FriendFeed, only because I find it cluttered, or better yet – way too much going on. There is way too much going on in the activity stream to keep track of and to pay attention to comments. That is not to say that I have not picked …

Check your pizza before you pay.

And this is why you should check your pizza before you pay!

Follow me NOT! What's the point?

On Twitter, a user by the name of Donna Mahony started to follow my domainventory account. She claims to be a domainer of 10 years and supposedly is the founder of Domain Boardroom forums and some other domain awards web site. When she started to follow me I responded in kind and also direct messaged her for more information on her "private" forums.

BTW, what exactly is the point of having private domaining forums? Some of the biggest and most successful domaining forums have succeeded not by being private, but by charging for services and features.

Anyways, after couple of weeks I did not receive a response to my message. So, I simply registered on the forums, while doing so I was asked to provide 3 domains to verify my identity. I listed, and All three have my name on the domain record info. The following day my registration was rejected - "did not meet our membership requirements"?!?! As domainer with few hundred do…

Twitter - sorry you canNOT delete this message.

I am pretty sure this is system wide, based on my experience with multiple accounts, but it looks like Twitter has changed who can delete direct messages. In the past either party could delete a message and then it will disappear for both, meaning that there was only one copy of the message. Now only the sender can delete a message. So if you have a lot of people sending you messages, it makes it impossible to remove what one might not want to look at, unless the sender deletes it themselves. The problem is that some people like to keep their messages, PMs, IMs and emails. It is even worst when messages are sent from people that are not following you, so now there is no way to contact the sender to get them to remove it. The results of this are two: 1) The user cannot remove messages; 2) It makes it easy to SPAM people, because they can't remove the messages received.

The solution to this is for Twitter to add two extra columns in their database - a delete column for both the sende…

Developing a business website solo - I underestimated it.

I have been working on and off on developing a business website with functionality other than this is who we are, this is what we do for some time now. It has been taking me some time now to make some progress on the DomainVentory project for Innovadix, because of duties like family, day job and simply being tiered from everything that needs to be done every day. But anyways, every thing with its time.

The reason why I am saying that I underestimated the time it will take me to develop the site is because of all the things that pop up in my head that needs to be included in the web site as I work on it. Unlike other website project I have worked on, this is the first time I am developing a business and a websites with a variety of features and needs from the ground up. Granted I contemplated for a very long time if I should use a CMS or build my own interface, I decided to go with using one of the more popular CMS simply to get he project off the ground. Once the website and it is func…