Wordpress plugins - why not share them.

The Wordpress community is vast. Wordpress is one of the major blog CMS on the Internet. I very much enjoy browsing the Web and whenever I come across a blog, I find interesting, I tend to check, or at leased attempt to, what plugins are used on the blog. Anyone, who is familiar with the directory structure of Wordpress can check this.

Anyways, the point I am trying to make is - Wordpress succeeded because of its open community and its members' willingness to share information and plugins. Probably about 50% of the time when I attempt to view what plugins someone is using on their blog I am unsuccessful, because the plugins directory, of all the ones in Wordpress, is restricted. Why? I would like to know why do bloggers feel that they need to protect something that is free on the Internet as is. Sharing and promoting the plugins one uses on their blog is a way to show your gratitude to their developers.

As an old school blogger, and one of the first of the just starting Wordpress community, I have always had a page listing the plugins I use on my blog. So, Wordpress bloggers, please allow others from the community to view what plugins you use on your blog. It will make the Web more userfriendly, functional, and it will incourage developers. Thnak you.

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