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Adventure games.

Last night, in the quick chat, on Abandonia someone said "This site should be renamed "dedicated to adventure games".". My response to this was "That's what games used to be back in the day. Now they are all about is this shiny enough? Yes! Can we make it cheep and sell it quick. Yes. Then f**k quality.".

Yes, games used to be all adventure. I love playing the old quest games. Today's games are all about "pushing" the limits of the hardware, but when it comes to console gaming, this concept is just a "concept". Unlike PCs, consoles cannot be upgraded, unlike PCs, you can't swap the hard drive, CPU or video cad for a bigger, better, faster model. With consoles you cannot use your favorite brand of hardware. You are STUCK with whatever is the cheapest and decent peace of hardware that the manufacturer can trow in the case. There are adventure games, and there are few that are great, and there are some, which are awesome - BioS…

Tweetmeme - is it worth your time?

I am looking at A tracker. 1? - what exactly is the point of a twitter tracker? By the way, there are a lot of them out there (just keep scrolling).

I mean, you see on what you see on The only useful functionality, I see, is its ability to sort content in categories: all, blogs, images, video and audio. It also takes and groups twittes, which are mentioning the same content. Personally, I am not obsessed with twitter to the point of constantly twittering, or having to know who's doing what and what type of content people are relating to. But, I do like the idea/concept of micro-blogging, a lot. Micro-blogging is a cool idea, because it makes possible to blog quickly and in short blurbs without having to bother with all of the additional steps one needs to take to create a standard blog entry. On top of that, with tools like Alex King's Twitter ToolsWordPress plugin, at the end of the day you can automatically make a "st…