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¿Usted habla inglés?

Amanda and I needed few things from Wal-Mart. We arrive there and start shopping. After a while I started to feel like we were in some town in Mexico. Why? Because probably 80% of the people in the store, including employees, were Mexicans.

Offended, yet? It is OK, just keep reading.

The ethnic population of the store was not my problem. My problem was that all I hear was Spanish. HEY, you are in America. I know the country encourages diversity, but it also requires you to be able to serve it and understand the rest of the people. So …. – LEARN ENGLISH!!! I know some of you will say – why don’t You learn Spanish? I could but unless I am applying for a customer service job, it will not do me much good in the business world. In addition, the country where English is the main language and which made the English language world wide (that is right, not the United Kingdom) is loosing its face. Heck, a while back there was a news program on TV, which was all about this. They showed towns in the U.S. where people do not know any English, and their mayors wanted to make Spanish their official language. I have talked to people who travel on business, and they have told me that they have entered towns, big towns, and the people there only spoke Spanish. Now tell me, how did that happen? I mean, this places are in the United States, but they become segregated from the population and isolated by the country and industries because they do not have means of communicating with the rest of the nation. In a sense, they become their own nation within a nation. In my visual opinion, this is like tumor formations in the body.

So, to reiterate – I do not have a problem with the people, I have a problem with what I am hearing.

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