Really? Well, thank you, I did NOT know that.

I just saw a news advertisement, which informed me that “Bad Air is bad for babies! Well thank you, you are clearly a FUCKIN geniuses. I did “not” that bad air is bad, that is why I live in the city. What the fuck are you people one? Bad air is bad for any living organism!

They are telling that there was a study done, which showed that unborn babies, who’s mothers where exposed to highly polluted air, had greater health problems when born and higher chances to developing health problems later in life. Well, damn it, DURRHHHH. Anything exposed to pollution WILL have problems at some point in time.

Once again, just another broadcast space filler comment, which servers a double purpose. Showing positive news and showing that the news people care for the viewers by showing health related announcements. I wrote before about something like this, read it here.

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