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Another golden moment for TV and the country’s scientist.

During the noon news today, once again I was informed of something obvious, which someone spent money on just to prove what we have known for a really long time. It was just another news announcement on TV with its double purpose! This one informed me that some scientists in Milwaukee have found that the size of your waistline may help determining your chances for heart attacks and other heart and breathing related problems.

I will pause for a moment here………. OK, ready? Here it is – well fucking DURHHH!!! Of course the bigger the waistline the worst it is. The more body fat there is the greater the pressure on your heart and lungs. Your body has to work harder to carry all that weight. Your lungs have to work harder to enrich the blood with oxygen, and your heart has to work harder to push that blood through the fat jammed body and cholesterol filled veins.

So, in conclusions - any seine person, who does not have to be an MD, knows that the more body fat the worst it is for your health. No need for someone to make it sound like they have just discovered it.


I have a feeling that if I keep seeing such announcements on TV and I keep writing about them I will have to create a category just for them. I am starting to wonder if there is more than just time filler and “look we care for the people, lets show something positive on TV” behind these useless announcements. Maybe it is just horn blowing, reputation hyping, unnecessary new product creation, unreasonable price raising scheme.


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