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Month: February 2005

  • Hobbes’ sex escape!

    HAHAHHA, this is so funny. One of the -(MP)- clan members had a little unexpected displeasing pleasure event last night. Damn some weird people out there! But what am I saying? I spend enough time on the NET and out with people from all sorts of social classes and walks of life, I should know…

  • Another golden moment for TV and the country’s scientist.

    During the noon news today, once again I was informed of something obvious, which someone spent money on just to prove what we have known for a really long time. It was just another news announcement on TV with its double purpose! This one informed me that some scientists in Milwaukee have found that the…

  • About yourself.

    This is one of the more creative and excellently written self descriptions I have ever come across.

  • What a night!

    I walked in Blockbuster to pick up a movie for tonight. When I was checking out the little one gives me attitude. I am like: fine, it is not like it is the first time she has done that. She does it every damn time I am in there. I walk out and guess what…

  • Really? Well, thank you, I did NOT know that.

    I just saw a news advertisement, which informed me that “Bad Air is bad for babies! Well thank you, you are clearly a FUCKIN geniuses. I did “not” that bad air is bad, that is why I live in the city. What the fuck are you people one? Bad air is bad for any living…

  • Happy Valentines!

    Happy Valentines to all who celebrate it!

  • Kill an American! – What is an American?

    This I came across and I find too good not to share with others. Apparently some moron in Pakistan, had a reward offer published in a newspaper. His offer extended to anyone who kills an American. Any American! To that an Australian dentist wrote a little description of what an American is, to make it…

  • Yet another change.

    Yes, you are seeing it right! There is, yet, another change to the look of Titan Fusion. Yesterday I got rid of all the pages I designed myself and made the WordPress app part of the main view and function of the website.

  • 4 New Tires

    I just returned from the Goodyear store with four new tires on my car. Goodyear has an in-house brand, Dark Horse, which makes tires the same way with the same materials and standards. The only difference is that the tires do not carry the Goodyear brand name. This saved me $70. The bill, with the…