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Hoa, long but interesting day.

Today was a long day. I got up at about 8 o’clock this morning to unload a generator with Brad from Lori’s car. After that I went to bed for about forty minutes or so got up again and readied myself for the day. At around noon Brad and I took Justice to his basketball game. There we met with Lori, her mom and sister. After the game we all went and grabbed something to eat.

The damn double cheeseburgers, fries and mayonnaise are starting to get to me. Soon, I will have to change my diet!

After lunch we split. Brad and I went on to shop for his Christmas presents for his family. Little bit after 3 P.M. we went to Justice’s ice hockey game. The game was good Justice’s team won with 10 to 2 goals, which by the way reminds me that his basketball game ended in victory, as well. The score was 22 or so to 14 or 16. I did not really look at the score board on my way out. Following the ice hockey game Brad and I went to his apartment and I fixed the lock on his door and secured his computer.

Later in the evening we left to go to Brad’s cousin’s ice hockey game. He plays a goalie for the Syracuse Stars. A team, which by the way, his father bought just so his son can play on it. WoW Anyways. After we left Brad's place, I fell asleep in his car. When I woke up I could not believe that I had slept for over half an hour with the radio blasting and Brad driving through Buffalo traffic without me waking up, but so much for that.

Well, his cousin’s game was, hmmm, interesting to say the leased. I have watched ice hockey for years now, and I have not ever seen so many fights in one game, not even in movies. I mean these were some really stupid fights, for absolutely no reason. The players were looking and trying to challenge and piss off each other more than they were looking and paying attention to the damn puck. For two year I went to almost all of my brother’s hockey games and I have seen only one fight. Those are high school kids. This is a time when they are supposed to be wild and uncontrollable with minimum ethics on the ice. These guys tonight were unbelievable and repulsive. They made a mockery of the game. I can easily add the referees to the players, because the referees called every one in three or four fouls. It was ridiculous. The main referee had some control issues, and from what I hear they extend beyond the ice ring. Seriously, tonight’s game would make even professional hockey players, who’s fights for 90 percent of the time are scheduled, ashamed to know that some of these guys were their up and coming replacements.

Tonight’s game was a FUCKING JOKE. There is difference between a good fight in a game and fights as a result of players’ lake of desire to work at their sport. This is the first game I have had a chance to observe, but from what I here it is not the first time the Stars perform like this. Apparently these under developed, hormone raging, sense missing, bags of organs, bones and flesh tend to look for fights. Of course, this is not to say that the Buffalo team was not provocative as well!

As the game went one, one player form the Syracuse Stars had to be taken to the hospital. I think his hand was broken in a slashing. Another player from whichever team had his back hurt. There were also two players who were kicked out of the game for fighting. Another half a dozen were planted in the penalty box for serious violations throughout the game.

All of us were on our way home by quarter to 10 o’clock. We stopped for a quick meal at McDonald's.

The damn double cheeseburgers, fries and mayonnaise are starting to get to me. Soon, I will have to change my diet.

Now, I am finally home for what remains of the evening.:grin:


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