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Alexander - the movie.

Last night Caitlin and I went to the movies. We saw Alexander. I guess it was a good idea on her side, otherwise I would have skipped seeing the movie. For some reason when I was watching the previews for the movie, I just did not think that Colin Farrell is the right person to play the character. Knowing the type of characters he usually plays, I did not have the feeling that he would perform well in this movie. After seeing the movie last night I can say that I am pleased with the movie and Colin Farrell acted excellent.

I have heard a lot of criticism that the movie concentrated a lot on the “homosexuality” of Alexander. Yes some of the romantic scenes we very uneasy, simply because they were between two man. An environment not very common or one you might be used to unless you like watching a gay porno films. I am very much sure that if the words spoken were between man a woman the scenes would have been accepted by the public without ever giving them a second thought. It would have been something normal, just like any other movie.

Everyone deals with the expression of feelings and romanticism between same gender persons in their own way. Last night in the theater there was a group of people, I think it was mostly man, who in the typical macho self preservation behavior were cracking up jocks and laughing every time there was a scene of homosexuality. I do not even think I can agree that it should be called homosexuality, it was more the expression of love between two males. Love and trust between two mails can be strong and openly expressed without having to associate it with homosexuality. It is a bond. But in this nation and today’s world that is hard, because people are thought to be macho and crying, hugging and the open expression of love is unacceptable. Two things: 1) although no one thinks about it, and it is well hidden, as well as the modernization of communications and the speed things move with now days, such love and trust continues to exist between war veterans. It is hard to see that now days because people’s needs are pretty much satisfied in all extends. 2) I am not arguing that Alexander might have been a homosexual, but if you look into the history of those reagents at that time and maybe hundred years back and forth, men where not allowed to be with women until their twenty first birthday. I think it was twenty first, it might be few years earlier. Anyways, they would live in barracks and homosexuality was part of the traditions and ways of life. But that’s homosexuality not like the one portrayed in the movie or the one we see today, but it was a right of passage.

Returning to the movie, I was somewhat disappointed at the movie because it did not show many of his battles. Alexander had number of them, and the strategies he employed to win them were remarkable and brave. I would have loved to see more of them in the movie, but that would have made the movie longer than ever. One battle I would have liked to see included in the movie is the last battle between the Macedonians and the Greeks. One in which Alexander demonstrated his leadership and bravery for a first time. In my opinion that would have enriched the experience produced by the movie. Although there were only two or three battles played in the movie that is not to say that they were not amazingly well done, very graphic and fairly detailed. But a small detail I would like to note, which was misrepresented in the movie are the Persian’s chariots. In the movie they had a spike sticking out from the center of the wheels. Just like the ones seen in the coliseum scene in the movie Gladiator. The actual Persian chariots had two or three sabers attached to the wheels. I saw a picture of them on the History channel. If I ever come across a picture like it or one that shows the general idea I will update this post. Oh another things. Later in the movie Alexander gives a speech and quickly mentions catapults. Ahh, I would have loved some catapult work and the damage done by them in the battle scenes in the movie.

Just to conclude. I did not even know that Anthony Hopkins was in the movie. I have seen interviews and have heard comments about almost all of the other major actors in the movie but nothing about Hopkins.


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