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Got gas?!?

Today I wanted to get out of the house, so I went to Wal-Mart to have some pictures developed. Then I went to pick up my mail, and because the post office is one jump, skip-hop away from Hilbert I tried calling Josh. I guess he wasn’t around because he didn’t pick up, or he was at work. Anyways, next on my list was Matt. So I called him, realizing that I haven’t seen him since the beginning of the summer, when I traveled up north to attend Scoot’s graduation, and I have not been at UB looking at the chicks even longer than that. I called him and he sounded like I just woke him up, LoL, at 3:30 in the afternoon, but I guess I didn’t, which was good. Thirty minutes later we met at the parking lot of his old dormitory, and we went to his new place. We decided that it would be a good idea to go for some food. The choice of the day was chicken wings. Woo Hoo

We went and got his roommate and one of their friends. As we are walking to the parking lot, we are trying to decide in whose car we were going to pile in. Matt offered to drive us because he needed some gas. As we got in the car he told us that he is pretty much out of gas because his car was sputtering when we were coming back from the first parking lot and he doesn’t know if we were going to make it, anywhere. Wow great huu? So, on the way to the gas station, Matt was praying for green lights all the way, or for at least enough momentum to get to the station, because, guess what, the car started dying and Matt could not get it to accelerate. No luck with the green lights, but we had some momentum going. On top of that, I was joking that we will have to get out and push the car to the gas station, thinking that I have seen it so many times done by college student but I have not done it. I see a lot of humor in it, because college student do goofy things so that was on activity that I thought it would be interesting and very funny to participate in. *Weirdo* Well, what do you know? It did happen, and we did have to get out and push the car to the gas station. Lucky for us Matt’s car ran out of benzene at the intersection facing the gas station. That was great.

After few unsuccessful attempts to start the car, Matt’s roommate and their friend and I jumped out of the car laughing our balls off, and gave the car a nice push up the tiny hill and through the intersection. I wonder what people thought at that moment as they watched us get out of the car on a busy intersection and push the car across it. Anyways, I guess my college life is complete now that I have pushed a car with an empty reservoir through an intersection to a gas station with three other college students, for which Matt received my gratitude. HAHA

After that it was all good, we went to Duffs and Matt and I split 20 BBQ wings, Andrew had 10 spicy wings and Ryan had roast-beef sandwich. Then with Matt driving, we got into our rooting from last school year of driving from store to store looking for specific things. This time we were looking for a location where a pay check could be cashed without having to have a member’s card. LoL

The day was fun, I enjoyed it.


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