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Back to it!

It has been a while since I have made any entries to this. Especially after the loss of all of my previous entries, I have not really had the desire to post anything.

Anyways! The summer is almost over and school for a lot of my friends will be starting soon. Oh I wish I could go back to school! I miss all the fun there. This may sound weird, but I do enjoy being in a class room, and learning things. Although, most of the time I am half-a-sleep. So, my friends are constantly kicking my chair. HEHE.

It is good to be at school, a great social environment and a wonderful, undemanding place. Unlike the work place! Maybe, eventually I will realize one of my dreams and become a teacher. Just like many of the instructors I had. Teaching was a way for them to get away from their cycling daily life, and do something more intellectually stimulations as well as character testing. Knowing how I always overwhelmed most of my teacher. Although many of them are doing it for some extra income, to pay bills and other expenses of their families. Something I would not do. Yeah, right, I am saying this now, but wait till I get to their time in life. But seriously, I would rather teach for the fun of it and to be between young people, and more relaxed environment.

BTW. Some girl IMed me on Yahoo last week. She found my profile in the Yahoo people’s directory. That was weird! She called me on the house phone shortly after, because she was too lazy to type on the compute. No biggy! Many of the people I talk to on the IM networks know that my responses are slow, because I try to enter everything at once, instead of SPAMing two words per line. But that is just me, trying to be more efficient. So after a quick chitchat, I got board with her, just like with any other airhead, and that was it for our conversation. Few days latter, I IMed her to see what she was doing, the damn bitch could not even remember who I was, or that we had talked on the internet and on the phone about. Result, momentarily off my buddy list. Damn airhead.

That is pretty much it at the moment. I should probably get a hold of my buddies, who are coming back to town, seeing that Hilbert’s fall semester will be starting in a few weeks. One of them will probably bring his bike. If he does, I will put some pictures in the gallery, which will be up once I have a collection some interesting images.

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